The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church

Biographical Dictionary
Pope Damasus II (1048)
Creation of 1048 (I)

(1) 1. ALTWIN (?-1097)

Birth. (No date or place found). He is also listed as Adovvino; as Aldovino; and as Aldovinus.

Education. (No information found).

Cardinalate. Presbyter cardinalis of an unknown title in 1048.

Episcopate. Elected bishop of Brixenin 1049. Consecrated (no information found). Attended a conciliabulum of bishops celebrated in Brixen in 1080 to condemn Pope Gregory VII. In 1090, he solemnly consecrated the church of the monastery of Sonnenberg, Carinthia. He was expelled from his see in 1091.

Death. February 28, 1097, (no place found). Buried (no information found).

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