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[Antipope] Clement VII (1378-1394)
Consistory of January 1387 (VI)
Celebrated in Avignon

(1) 1. ARAGÓN, Jaime de (ca. 1341-1396)

Birth. Ca. 1341, Valencia. Of the Aragonese royal family. Son of Pedro de Aragón y de Anjou and Juana de Foix. Nephew of King Alfonso IV, el Benigno; he was a cousin of King Pedro IV of Aragón, el Ceremonioso. He was called the Cardinal of Aragón or of Valencia. His first name is also listed as Jerónimo.

Education. Educated at the Aragonese royal court.

Early life. Canon and provost of the cathedral chapter of Barcelona. Canon of the cathedral chapters of Gerona and Mallorca. Chaplain and comensal of the pope in 1351, according to a letter of his father, dated January 26, 1352.

Episcopate. Elected bishop of Tortosa, January 10, 1362. Consecrated (no information found). Transferred to the see of Valencia, March 5, 1369; took possession of the see the following June 13.

Cardinalate. Created pseudocardinal priest in the consistory of January 1387; administrator of his see, February 1, 1387 until his death. He entered the curia in Avignon on January 19, 1389; in February or March, he received the title of S. Clemente. Named bishop of the suburbicarian see of Sabina in 1391. He did not participate in the conclave of 1394, which elected Antipope Benedict XIII. On February 18, 1395, he received from the antipope license to reside in Valencia or in the kingdom of Aragón.

Death. May 30, 1396, Valencia. Buried on the right side of the main chapel of the cathedral of Valencia, now the choir of the cathedral. After his death, the privilege of the cathedral chapter to elect the bishop was abolished; the pope reserved for himself that faculty.

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