The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church

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Pope Clement X (1670-1676)
Consistory of January 16, 1673 (IV)

(9) 1. ROSPIGLIOSI, Felice (1639-1688)

Birth. 1639, Pistoia. Of a patrician family. Roman noble. Son of Camillo Domenico Rospigliosi and Lucrezia Cellesi. Nephew of Pope Clement IX (1667-1669). Brother of Cardinal Giacomo Rospigliosi (1667). Cousin of Cardinal Carlo Agostino Fabroni (1706). Uncle of Cardinal Antonio Banchieri (1726). Grand-uncle of Cardinal Flavio Chigi, iuniore (1753).

Education. (No information found).

Early life. Internuncio in Brussels.

Cardinalate. Created cardinal deacon in the consistory of January 16, 1673; received the red hat and the deaconry of S. Maria in Portico Campitelli, February 27, 1673. Granted dispensation for not having yet received the minor orders at the time of his promotion to the cardinalate and for having a brother in the Sacred College of Cardinals, January 16, 1673. Granted permission to receive the minor orders outside of Ember days and without time intervals between them, January 18, 1673. Opted for the deaconry of S. Angelo in Pescheria, July 17, 1673. Participated in the conclave of 1676, which elected Pope Innocent XI. Knight of the Sovereign Order of Malta, 1678. Opted for the deaconry of S. Eustachio, January 12, 1685. Opted for the deaconry of S. Maria in Cosmedin, October 1, 1685. Opted for the deaconry of S. Agata in Suburra, September 30, 1686. Archpriest of the patriarchal Liberian basilica.

Death. May 9, 1688, at 11 a.m., in his residence in Mazarin palace, Rome. Exposed in the patriarchal Liberian basilica, Rome, where the funeral took place on May 11, 1688, and buried in the afternoon in the tomb of the canons in that same basilica.

Bibliography. Cardella, Lorenzo. Memorie storiche de' cardinali della Santa Romana Chiesa. 9 vols. Rome : Stamperia Pagliarini, 1793, VII, 219-220.

Webgraphy. His portrait, attributed to Ludovico Gimignani, Fesch Museum, Ajaccio; his engravings, portrait and arms, Araldica Vaticana.

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