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Pope Clement XI (1700-1721)
Consistory of June 7, 1706 (III)
Celebrated in Rome

(22) 1. CONTI, Michelangelo (1655-1724)

Birth. May 13, 1655, Poli, diocese of Palestrina. Second child of Carlo IIConti, duke of Poli, and d'Isabella Monti. Descended of the family dei Conti di Segni that had given the Church Popes Innocent III, Gregory IX and Alexander IV. Grand-nephew of Cardinal Carlo Conti (1604). Nephew of Cardinal Giannicolò Conti (1664). Brother of Cardinal Bernardo Maria Conti, O.S.B.Cas. (1721). Grand-uncle of Cardinal Bartolomeo Ruspoli (1730). on his mother's side. Other cardinals of the family were Giovanni dei conti di Segni (1200); Ottaviano dei conti di Segni (1205); Lucido Conti (1411) (pseudocardinal); Giovanni Conti (1483); and Francesco Conti (1517). He is also listed as Michael Angelus de Comitibus; and his first name as Michel' Angelo.

Education. Initial studies at the episcopal residence of Ancona; then with the Jesuits in Rome at Collegio Romano; and later at La Sapienza University, Rome (doctorate in utroque iure, both canon and civil law).

Sacred orders. Ordained after he finished his studies.

Early life. Privy chamberlain of Pope Alexander VIII. Internuncio to Venice to present Doge Francesco Morosini lo stocco e l'elmo, the dagger and the helmet, blessed by the pope, 1690. Referendary of the Supreme Tribunals of the Apostolic Signature of Justice and Grace, August 14, 1691. Governor of Ascoli, August 17, 1691 until December 1692. Commissary general contra bannitos in the Papal States, August 18, 1691. Governor of the province of Campagna e Marittima (Frosinone), December 6, 1692 until May 1693. Domestic prelate in 1693. Governor of Viterbo (Patrimonio), May 6, 1693 until June 1695. Abbot commendatario of Mentorella; he kept the commendam even after having been elected to the papacy.

Episcopate. Elected titular archbishop of Tarso, June 13, 1695. Consecrated, June 16, 1695, Gesù church, Rome, by Cardinal Galeazzo Marescotti, assisted by Prospero Bottini, titular archbishop of Mira, and by Sperello Sperelli, bishop of Terni. Assistant at the Pontifical Throne, June 28, 1695. Nuncio in Switzerland, July 1, 1695. Nuncio in Portugal, March 24, 1698.

Cardinalate. Created cardinal priest in the consistory of June 7, 1706, in replacement of Cardinal Gabriele Filippucci, who declined the cardinalate in the consistory of May 17, 1706. Received the red hat and the title of Ss. Quirico e Giulitta, February 23, 1711. Transferred to the see of Osimo, with personal title of archbishop, January 28, 1709. Transferred to the see of Viterbo e Toscanella, August 1, 1712. Camerlengo of the Sacred College of Cardinals, January 13, 1716 until January 4, 1717. Resigned the government of the diocese because of illness, March 14, 1719. Prefect of the S.C. of the Borders of the Ecclesiastical States (dei Confini) from 1719 until his election to the papacy. Participated in the conclave of 1721 and was elected pope.

Papacy. Elected pope, May 8, 1721. Took the name Innocent XIII in memory of Pope Innocent III. Crowned May 18, 1721, by Cardinal Benedetto Pamphili, protodiacono of S. Maria in Via Lata. He created three cardinals in two consistories.

Death. March 7, 1724, Rome. Exposed and buried, on March 12, 1724, in the patriarchal Vatican basilica, Rome. His original sepulchre, a monument of stucco, was in the right nave of the basilica. On July 11, 1836, to open space to the cenotaph of Pope Leo XII, his remains were buried in the ground of the chapel of S. Maria della Febbre, in the grotto of the basilica. Later, they were placed in an ancient and simple sarcophagus in the grotto, with the inscription INNOCENTIUS XIII P. M. His praecordia are in the church of Ss. Vincenzo e Anastasio, Rome; and his heart was transferred to the shrine of the Mentorella, in monte Guadagnolo, and placed in a pilaster in the sanctuary with the inscription COR INNOCENTII XIII DE COMITIBUS.

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