The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church

Biographical Dictionary
Pope Gregory VII (1073-1085)
Consistory of 1074 (II)

(14) 1. GIOVANNI (?-?)

Birth. (No date found), Siena. Nephew of Giovanni de Toscanella.

Education. (No information found).

Early life. His uncle, who was legate in France, took him to Rome and introduced him to Cardinal Ildebrando, O.S.B., future Pope Gregory VII.

Episcopate. Elected bishop of Viviers in 1073. Consecrated in 1073, Rome, by Pope Gregory VII. Recalled to Rome, he was promoted to the cardinalate.

Cardinalate. Created cardinal priest ca. 1074, his title is not known. Dean Ollivier of Embrun substituted for him in his diocese and was consecrated auxiliary bishop; Cardinal Giovanni resigned the see in 1078.

Death. At an advanced age (no date or place found). Buried (no information found).

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