The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church

Biographical Dictionary
[Antipope] Nicholas V (1328-1333)
Consistory of ca. 1329 (IV)

(9) 1. CAPOCCI, Pandolfo (?-1354)

Birth. (No date or place found).

Education. (No information found).

Priesthood. Ordained (no further information found). Incardinated in the diocese of Viterbo.

Episcopate. Elected pseudobishop of Viterbo by Antipope Nicholas V between May 18 and June 23, 1328. Consecrated (no information found).

Cardinalate. Created pseudocardinal bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina in the consistory celebrated ca. 1329. He was excommunicated by Pope John XXII.

Death. 1354, suddenly, Siena. At the request of a relative, Pope Innocent VI granted him a religious burial on December 27, 1354.

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