The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church

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Pope Innocent X (1644-1655)
Consistory of September 19, 1650 (V)

(20) 1. ASTALLI-PAMPHILJ, Camillo (1616 or 1619-1663)

Birth. October 21, 1616 or 1619 (1), Rome. Son of Fulvio Astalli and Caterina Pinelli. Adopted by the Pamphilj family, at his promotion to the cardinalate, with its last name, dignity and honors and recognized as cardinal nephew, cardinale nipote, of Pope Innocent X (2). His first name is also listed as Camillo Domicello. Uncle of Cardinal Fulvio Astalli (1686).

Education. Studied law.

Early life. Consistorial lawyer. Cleric of the Apostolic chamber and president delle Carceri.

Sacred orders. (No information found).

Cardinalate. Created cardinal priest in the consistory of September 19, 1650; received the red hat and the title of S. Pietro in Montorio, October 17, 1650. Governor of the city of Fermo. Legate in Avignon for a triennium, November 21, 1650. Participated in the conclave of 1655, which elected Pope Alexander VII.

Episcopate. Elected archbishop of Catania, July 4, 1661. Consecrated, July 25, 1661, church of San Giacomo, Rome, by Cardinal Federico Sforza, assisted by Emilio Altieri, bishop of Camerino, and by Alessandro Crescenzi, bishop of Bitonto. Camerlengo of the Sacred College of Cardinals, January 24, 1661 until January 16, 1662.

Death. December 21, 1663, Catania. Exposed and buried in the metropolitan cathedral of Catania.

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(1) The Mémoires of Cardinal de Retz indicate that he was born in 1616.
(2) In February 1653, fell into disgrace, nescio an sua culpa, vel aliorum invida perfidia, for disobeying Pope Innocent X, who had prohibited him from visiting the Spanish ambassador to whom he had revealed secrets of state. He was deprived of the title of nipote, the last name and arms of the Pamphilj family as well as of all ecclesiastic posts in Rome and was exiled to Sambuco, fief of the marquis of Astalli, his brother, in the diocese of Tivoli. There he was processed and tried. He was relegated until the death of Pope Innocent X in 1655.

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